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"Bosko the Talk-Ink Kid"
Summer 1929
Length: 4:40
Starring: Bosko, Rudolf Ising


Produced by - Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising


Animator Rudy Ising creates Bosko on his drawing board.


Sitting at his drawing board, frustrated animator Rudolf Ising is trying to create a new cartoon character. When one of his drawings comes to life, Rudy asks his new creation for its name. "I'm Bosko, that's who I am! Nobody else except but!" it replies. Rudy asks Bosko to demonstrate his talents, so Bosko begins to tap dance. Bosko stops suddenly and looks into the camera, noticing the audience. "Can you make 'em laugh?" Rudy asks. Bosko thinks for a moment and asks Rudy to draw him a piano, on which Bosko performs "Sonny Boy". At one point in the song Bosko's tongue sticks out too far, forcing him to yank on one of his hairs to pull it back in. A high note causes Bosko's head to shoot up like a coil, and he uses the spinning piano stool to twist it back on. The next high note annoys Rudy, who pins Bosko with the point of his pen, pulls him back in, and squirts him into an inkwell. Bosko emerges from the inkwell and says "Well, so long folks! See ya all later!"


  • This is a pilot film created by Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising which was shown to Hollywood distributors in 1929. It impressed Leon Schlesinger, who sold a series of Bosko cartoons to Warner Bros. under the title "Looney Tunes". [TAF]
  • This is believed to be the first cartoon with extensive synchronized speech. [TAF]

Memorable Lines:

  • "I'm just out of the pen!"

Memorable Scenes:

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Image Image Image Image
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Video Availability:

VHS: Uncensored Bosko, Vol. 1
VHS: Inside Termite Terrace, Vol. 1
DVD: Uncensored Bosko, Vol. 1


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