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Title Card "Hold Anything"
Looney Tunes (Bosko title #1)
Released: October 1930
Length: 6:21
Starring: Bosko and Honey


Supervision by - Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising
Drawn by - Isadore Freleng, Norm Blackburn
Musical Score by - Frank Marsales


Bosko makes music at a construction site.


Bosko is a riveter on a construction site, making music with his equipment while he works. Also working there are a group of Mickey-like mice, just as content on music-making as Bosko is. One of the mice falls off a beam and lands on a saw. Bosko notices the sound the saw makes, and starts playing it while the mouse is still on it. At one point the mouse lands on the edge of the saw and is decapitated, but that doesn't stop Bosko from bouncing the two halves of the mouse on the saw while playing his tune. The mouse puts itself back together, but it's flung off the saw and into the mouth of a goat. The mouse opens a door in the goat's stomach and walks out. Bosko calls for a beam, so the mouse ties a rope around the goat and cranks him by the tail, lifting the beam into the air with Bosko riding atop (now making music with the ropes). Bosko spots Honey typing in a window nearby. "Hello baby, whaddya say?" he asks. Honey responds by typing "Gee, you're swell!".  Bosko's music forms notes in the air, on which he hops to Honey's window. Bosko puts some sheet music into her typewriter and begins playing "Don't Hold Everything," as Honey dances on the ledge. Meanwhile, the goat has swallowed a steam whistle which has inflated him like a balloon. Bosko notices the goat float past the window, grabs it by the tail and floats back to the construction site. Bosko begins playing a tune on the inflated goat. The goat then begins to deflate, zooming through the air with Bosko in tow. Bosko grabs an udder and is sprayed by goat's milk. He falls to the ground and splits into six little Boskos, which do a dance before rejoining.


  • Fred Astaire would also break apart into miniatures of himself in the live-action film Blue Skies (1946). [LT&MM]

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Video Availability:

VHS: Uncensored Bosko, Vol. 2
VHS: Inside Termite Terrace, Vol. 4
DVD: Uncensored Bosko, Volume 1


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