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Title Card "Bosko Shipwrecked!"
Looney Tunes (Bosko title #1)
Released: September 19, 1931
Length: 6:25
Starring: Bosko


Supervision by - Hugh Harman
Drawn by - Rollin Hamilton, Larry Martin
Musical Score and Direction - Frank Marsales


Bosko is shipwrecked on a desert island.


There's a terrible storm at sea, and Bosko's ship is being tossed in the violent waves. Bosko tries to steer the ship, but waves keep carrying him away from the wheel. One crew member is nearly blown off the ship, hanging on for dear life as the wind inflates his pants. Bosko grabs a rope, but his behind is beaten by the spinning ship's wheel. Another wave crashes into the ship, and Bosko is carried away. He washes up on an island, where two little monkeys steal his hat and start playing with it. They drop an egg on Bosko's face, waking him up, and prompting a bird to shout out "Yolks on you!". The bird laughs himself silly at his own joke, but then falls into a hollow log and loses all of his feathers. He puts them back on like a jacket and walks away. Bosko starts laughing at this until he notices the shadow of a lion. The lion begins chasing Bosko, but Bosko manages to get the lion to jump into the mouth of an alligator. Bosko ties the lion's tail to a tree branch, and runs off to a nearby row boat. He rows to the other shore and drops the anchor onto a hippo, which screams and drags Bosko and the boat to a native village. Bosko rolls into a boiling pot and natives begin to swarm around him. A skeleton pops out of the boiling pot and says to Bosko, "Come on in, the water's fine!". The native's leader has Bosko brought to him, and then commands "Boil him!". Bosko pulls out a gun and fires, but only a cork pops out. Bosko then runs and jumps into what appears to be another row boat, but is actually the mouth of a rhinoceros. Bosko opens a door out of the rhino's back and hops on top as it swims away. He takes off the rhinos horn and blows it like a bugle, and smiles.

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Video Availability:

VHS: Uncensored Bosko, Vol. 2
VHS: Inside Termite Terrace, Vol. 2
DVD: Uncensored Bosko, Volume 2


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