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Title Card "One More Time"
Merrie Melodies (Foxy title)
Released: October 3, 1931
Length: 7:00
Starring: Foxy and Roxy


Supervision by - Rudolf Ising
Drawn by - Isadore Freleng, Paul Smith
Musical Score and Direction by - Frank Marsales
With Abe Lyman and his Brunswick Recording Orchestra


Officer Foxy chases down criminals and sings.


Officer Foxy is patrolling the streets and nearly being run over by speeding cars, threatening "one more time!" as they rush by. He goes into an alleyway and has his hat machine-gunned by a thug. Foxy pulls out his own gun and a little mouse pops out that bonks the thug on the head with a mallet. Meanwhile, a lady hippo motorist (last seen in "Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!") is being honked at by a tiny mouse motorist that wants to pass by. The hippo ignores the mouse, so he drives his little car right over the hippo's. When the hippo yells at him he razzes her. The hippo then pulls a lever which lifts her car off the ground and speeds off over the mouse, but then she nearly runs over Officer Foxy. Foxy blows his whistle, loses his pants momentarily, makes use of a police call box with a built-in spittoon, and then gets the hippo to stop. Foxy and the hippo begin arguing to a verse of "One More Fine". As Foxy is writing out a ticket his pencil breaks, so he sharpens it in the mouth of the car's mouse hood-ornament. The hippo begins to cry, but Foxy shuts her up by placing a trash can over her head. Back on patrol, Foxy unwittingly knocks himself over the head with his club, and begins punching the air expecting an attacker. Roxy and her giant dog (nearly twice as big as she or Foxy) laugh at this scene, then the dog runs up to Foxy and begins licking him. Roxy comments "Ain't that cute?", then walks over to a piano and begins playing. Foxy ties the dog's mouth shut with its own tongue, and then begins dancing with Roxy. Foxy then puts a player piano sheet into the dog's mouth and cranks its tail, causing the dog's teeth to play the music on the sheet. Foxy suddenly hears gunfire from a gangster bird shooting at a wealthy male hippo. The bird steals the hippo's pocket watch and speeds off, with Foxy and the rest of the police in pursuit. Many more gangsters appear in the back seat of the car and try to stop Foxy, first using car exhaust and then some saliva. The gangsters throw a grenade at the police car, blowing it up and leaving the nearly naked cops riding a bicycle-built-for-four. They crash into a patch of mud, but then Foxy resumes his pursuit. The gangsters manage to kidnap Roxy, leaving Foxy to follow them in a mechanical horse (last ridden by Bosko in "Ups 'n Downs"). Foxy pulls Roxy out of the gangster's car by extending the horse's head and grabbing her by the behind. They trick the gangsters into driving right into a jail, where Foxy and Roxy lock them up and start to dance... until another gangster pops out of a manhole and machine-guns Foxy in the behind.


  • This is the third and final appearance of Foxy and Roxy until the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "Two-Tone Town" in 1992, where they were drastically redesigned.

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Video Availability:

VHS: Inside Termite Terrace, Vol. 4
Laserdisc: Golden Age of Looney Tunes, Vol. 3


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