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Title Card "You Don't Know What You're Doin'!"
Merrie Melodies (Piggy title)
Released: October 31, 1931
Length: 6:50
Starring: Piggy and Fluffy


Supervision by - Rudolf Ising
Drawn by - Isadore FrelengNorm Blackburn
Musical Score and Direction - Frank Marsales
With Gus Arnheim's Brunswick Recording Orchestra


Piggy goes to a concert and heckles the band.


A band is playing the title tune, while the conductor tap dances and a huge crowd pours into the theatre. Piggy is riding along on his motorcycle, heading towards his girlfriend's house. He calls for her by poking the belly of her water fountain statue, which blows its horn. "Make it snappy, Fluffy!", Piggy calls out. Fluffy gets ready and they begin their ride to the theatre, with Fluffy riding on the motorcycle's sidecar. They are laughed at by an usher, but walk in anyway-- right through his legs. The motorcycle gets up and walks through his legs as well, then it backfires and turns the usher blackface, causing him to cry out "Mammy!". Inside the theatre, the band begins to play. Everyone enjoys the music except Piggy, who taunts, laughs, and razzes the band. "You don't know what you're doin'!" Piggy cries out. Piggy then goes onstage with a saxophone and engages in a musical competition with the trombone player. Three drunk canines in the balcony begin heckling Piggy, and they all argue while singing the title tune. One of the drunks falls onto the stage and hits Piggy with a whiff of his alcohol breath. Piggy is now drunk, and they both stumble off into the street. Piggy pours alcohol into his car's gas tank, and the car starts to breath fire and drives off. The city streets bob and sway as Piggy chases his car; even the buildings are dancing. The dog sees a sewer drain turn into a monster, and runs off into a lamppost and then a telephone pole. Piggy and the dog end up falling into a pickup truck, which runs off and deposits them onto a pile of garbage. They both pop out of a trash can and well "Whoopee!".


  • The car's voice was provided by Orlando "Slim" Martin, the trombone player of Gus Arnheim's Brunswick Recording Orchestra. [LT&MM]

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Video Availability:

VHS: Inside Termite Terrace, Vol. 5
Laserdisc: Golden Age of Looney Tunes, Vol. 2


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