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Title Card "Bosko and Honey"
Looney Tunes (Bosko title #1)
Produced: 1932
Length: 6:46
Starring: Bosko, Honey, Bruno, Wilber


Supervision by - Hugh Harman
Drawn by - Rollin Hamilton, Bob McKimson
Musical Score by - Frank Marsales


Bosko and Honey go on a picnic, again.


Honey is trying to teach Wilber to play "In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree" on the violin, but it isn't going well. "I wanna play cowboy!" says Wilber after Honey corrects his playing. Honey gets up and calls Bosko on the phone, but the sleeping Bosko doesn't notice the frantically ringing telephone in his bedroom. His dog Bruno does notice, and the pooch tries to wake Bosko by licking his face, but Bosko scolds him -- "Go away Bruno!". Bruno answers the phone, and Honey immediately recognizes his bark, asking him to wake Bosko up. Bruno drags Bosko out of bed, and Bosko lethargically gets up and goes to the phone. He perks up suddenly when he hears Honey's voice -- "Come on over, Bosko!". "Okay, baby!" Bosko replies. "Make it snappy, Bosko!" Honey retorts. As Honey returns to Wilber she sees him dancing on the piano. She scolds Wilber, who grudgingly returns to his violin. Meanwhile Bosko is riding his bicycle over to Honey's as Bruno follows alongside him. At one point Bruno jumps through Bosko's arms, and they also switch places momentarily after going through a pipe. Bosko approaches Honey's place and hears the music lesson. He pulls a saxophone out of his pants and begins playing the tune Wilber can't seem to master. Honey hears him and goes out to her balcony and begins singing "(We've Got to) Put that Sun Back in the Sky". Wilber becomes angry, grabs a tub of wash, and throws it down into Bosko's saxophone, which then begins blowing bubbles that float into the air. Honey leaps off of her balcony and hops on the bubbles until she reaches the ground. Bosko and Honey ride off on his bicycle, as Bruno follows behind holding the picnic basket in his teeth. Suddenly Bruno puts the basket down and runs over towards some trees. Bruno begins sniffing them, but one tree doesn't like it and kicks Bruno in the face, which Bosko and Honey find highly amusing. Sitting on a log, Bosko whispers something into Honey's ear which offends her. Before she can do anything a terrible rainstorm begins, and they run off for cover under an archway. Bruno gets hit in the behind with a bolt of lightning, then drags his derriere along the ground. Standing right under a storm pipe, Bosko gets drenched by a sudden flow of water, leaving Honey to laugh at him as the cartoon ends.


  • Also heard on the soundtrack: "Shade of the Old Apple Tree" and "It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo' " [LT&MM]

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Video Availability:

VHS: Looney Tunes: The Collector's Edition: "Supporting Players" (Columbia House)
VHS: Uncensored Bosko, Vol. 2
DVD: Uncensored Bosko, Volume 2


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