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Title Card "Bosko the Lumberjack"
Looney Tunes (Bosko title #2)
Released: September 3, 1932
Length: 7:09
Starring: Bosko and Honey


Supervision by - Hugh Harman
Drawn by - Isadore Freleng, Max Maxwell
Musical Score by - Frank Marsales


Bosko happily chops down trees; saves Honey from a villain's unwanted advances.


The setting is a forest, where an army of lumberjacks is busily chopping and sawing away. We are treated to such sight gags as a little mouse trying to saw down a tree, a worm-like tree that crawls away after being cut down, a lumberjack who chops off sections of a tree into a neat pile, a caterpillar using four axes at once, and our old friend Bosko, chopping away at the most pitiful tree you've ever seen. After cutting it down, Bosko gazes at the fallen tree's death throes, bonks it on the head, and then walks off while whistling a happy tune. Bosko prances around the scenery for a while until he arrives at a tree growing out of a black rock. He takes a swing at it, but the tree is revealed to be the antlers of a moose. The moose roars angrily and walks away. Bosko moves on to another tree, bounces some spit off the tree and onto his hands, then begins chopping. A skunk comes out of the tree and shouts "I'm gonna raise a big stink about this!", then proceeds to emit his odor. Bosko flees the stink and smacks right into another tree, which blankets him with leaves. Bosko pops his head out and notices a woodpecker nearby. He grabs the woodpecker and starts using it as a jackhammer to cut down the next tree. When he finishes, Bosko puts the bird down and pets it on the head, but the bird flies away. "Oh Bosko! Yoo hoo!" shouts Honey, who has brought Bosko his lunch. Bosko runs over and starts to eat a sandwich, savoring each bite. "Mmm, dat sho is fine!" he shouts, rubbing his tummy. Meanwhile, overhead, another lumberjack is preparing his lunch. He puts some nails between two "slices" of tree and begins chewing. He pulls a bent nail out of his mouth, but then notices Bosko and Honey below. The ominously large lumberjack manages to hook Honey with a rope and raise her up to his level, where he then commands "By gar! Now you give Pierre big kiss!". Honey backs away but Pierre corners her. Bosko climbs up a ladder in an attempt to come to Honey's rescue, but Pierre punches Bosko downward, causing him to break every rung on the ladder. Bosko falls onto a log which is about to be sawed in half, but jumps off as the saw hits his rear end. Honey gets away from Pierre by leaping onto the rope of a steam whistle, but she dangles from it until Pierre comes down and grabs her. Bosko rushes to the scene, but Pierre squirts tree sap into Bosko's face. Pierre runs off with Honey and jumps into a canoe, which he then "walks" over to a river and paddles away. Bosko follows and jumps onto a log, where a trio of mice pop out and start paddling with sticks, as Bosko commands them to "stroke!". They travel down the same stair-like waterfall the little Indian brave did in Crosby, Columbo, and Vallee, but Pierre gets to shore and runs into a cabin with Honey in tow. Now Bosko comes to shore and tries to get through the door of the cabin, but Pierre is holding it shut. A moose head hanging on the cabin wall comes to life and uses the shotgun hanging on its antlers to shoot Pierre in the rear. Bosko rushes through the door and confronts Pierre, but the brute gives him a punch that sends poor Bosko bouncing off the support beams and crashing into a bedpan, which rests on his head like a crown. He charges at Pierre again, but the villain socks him so hard that Bosko flies into a stove, goes up the pipe, is shot out, and then slides along the ground until he comes to rest under a bear skin rug. Bosko gets up and runs, but the bear skin rug blocks his vision and causes him to crash into a wall. A bear trap hanging on the wall is jarred loose and snaps Bosko in his rear end. Pierre now charges at Bosko, so he grabs an axe and prepares to swing it, but gets it stuck in a barrel. Undaunted, Bosko swings the axe and barrel together, smashing Pierre in the head and knocking him out cold. "My hero!" shouts Honey, who plants a kiss on Bosko so powerful that he stumbles back into the wall, thus causing a painting of Napoleon to fall on his head. Honey salutes Bosko's head on Napoleon's body, as we iris out.


  • The animation of Bosko eating Honey's sandwich is reused from Bosko's Holiday, but with a different background.
  • Heard on the soundtrack: "I Wish I Had Wings" and "How Can You Say No (When All the World Is Saying Yes?)". [LT&MM]
  • Although this cartoon uses the second set of Bosko titles, the theme song is still "A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight", which was used on the first set of Bosko titles.

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Video Availability:

VHS: Uncensored Bosko, Vol. 3
DVD: Uncensored Bosko, Volume 2


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