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Title Card "Bosko's Party"
Looney Tunes (Bosko title #1)
Released: April 2, 1932
Length: 7:11
Starring: Bosko, Honey, Wilber


Supervision by - Hugh Harman
Drawn by - Isadore Freleng, Larry Martin
Musical Score by - Frank Marsales


Bosko throws Honey a surprise party.


Bosko is whistling in the rain, floating across a puddles using his umbrella as a raft. Meanwhile, Honey is in her room, applying mascara with the help of a bit of her saliva. She stands up to get dressed, but, not wanting us in the audience see her disrobe, goes behind a transom, where a well-placed mirror shows us her every move anyway. Bosko arrives at Honey's, knocks on the door, and is let in by a one of the guests. As soon as Bosko enters he's assaulted by Honey's dog, who gives him a big lick in the face and barks noisily. Bosko tries to shush the dog, as Honey exits her room, apparently oblivious to the numerous party-goers waiting for her downstairs. Bosko orders everyone to "Scram!", forcing the guests to find suitable hiding places. Bosko slams the front door the dog's tail, causing even more noise. Bosko opens the door and releases the dog, then runs off, leaving the dog sniffing at the present Bosko has brought. A hippo tries to hide under a bed, causing enough noise to prompt a cat also hiding under the bed to shush him. Bosko comes by and employs the old needle-in-the-fat-guy trick to deflate the hippo, allowing him to fit under the bed. Wilber tries to hide in a closet and then a drawer, but finds that both are occupied. Bosko provides a solution again by sticking the unsuspecting kitty under a flower pot. Honey finally arrives downstairs and is greeted with "Surprise!" from the guests, followed a chorus of "Happy Birthday". Poor Wilber, however, hasn't been able to got out of the flower pot Bosko hid him in. Bosko then motions for Honey to open his present, but when she does her dog pops out a gives Bosko another lick. Bosko chases after the dog, who manages to fall into a fish tank, prompting the guests to cheer wildly. Bosko is kind enough to roll up his sleeve and reach in to fetch the dog, though the unappreciative dog then shuns him and walks away. Poor Wilber misses all this, however, as he is still yelling to be let out of the flower pot. Bosko then gives Honey her real present: a ukulele. Bosko asks Honey to play something, so she begins her rendition of the "Sugar", a pop hit of the era. [LT&MM]. After Bosko and Honey finish singing the tune the audience asks for more, and they are happy to oblige. Meanwhile poor Wilbur is wandering around the house, still trapped under the flower pot. He finally gets it off, but then backs into a mouse trap which gets him right in the tail. Bosko fetches Honey's birthday cake, lights the candles, and sets it down. Wilber has gotten himself stuck on the railing right above the cake, and when the mouse trap lets go he falls right into it. Part of the cake (including a candle) land right on Bosko's face, as Wilber pops out of the cake, licks his face, and dives in for more. Bosko blows out the candle on his head, thus ending the cartoon.

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Video Availability:

VHS: Uncensored Bosko, Vol. 3
DVD: Uncensored Bosko, Volume 2


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