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Title Card "Bosko's Woodland Daze"
Looney Tunes (Bosko title #2)
Released: December 17, 1932
Length: 7:04
Starring: Bosko and Bruno


Supervision by - Hugh Harman
Drawn by - Isadore Freleng, Paul Smith
Musical Score by - Frank Marsales


While romping through the forest, Bosko falls asleep and dreams of giants and gnomes.


Bosko and Bruno are strolling through the forest; Bosko playing the harmonica while Bruno runs around him. "Look Bruno!" shouts Bosko, pointing to something in the distance. As Bruno turns to investigate, Bosko jumps into a nearby mound of leaves. The worried dog looks around for his master, but soon spots him when a strong gust of wind blows away the leaves and reveals Bosko crouching underneath. Bruno sneaks up from behind and runs a vine under Bosko's crotch (which Bosko seems to enjoy a little too much). "Let's play hide and seek, Bruno!" says Bosko, and Bruno barks in agreement. Bosko goes over to a tree and starts counting, while Bruno searches for a hiding spot. Bruno tries to hide in the hole of a tree, but he quickly emerges with a woodpecker pecking at his head. Bruno then dives into pond and surfaces with a pot on his head, which the woodpecker can't peck through. Bosko suddenly appears by the pond and shouts "I found you!", so now it's Bruno's turn to count. As he barks his count he suddenly gains the power of speech long enough to ask the audience "Are you listening?". Bosko tries to hide behind a tree, but he's surprised when the leaves turn out to be tiny birds which fly away. Bosko finds another tree to hide behind just as Bruno finishes counting. Bruno goes off to search for Bosko but is distracted by a turtle. As Bruno follows the turtle the impatient Bosko falls asleep by the tree. The turtle manages to get rid of Bruno by hiding in his shell momentarily and popping out to bite Bruno in the nose. Meanwhile, magical gnomes emerge from behind the tree where Bosko is sleeping. They happen to be carrying a bubble solution and a bubble pipe, and they proceed to blow a bubble big enough to capture Bosko. As he floats into the air, a trio of fairies emerge from flowers and start singing. Bosko continues to float higher as the gnomes fly around him, but he soon wakes up. After only a few moments of marveling at his situation, Bosko suddenly sneezes, bursting his bubble and sending him plummeting towards the ground. The gnomes try to catch him with a spider web, but it breaks and allows Bosko to continue falling, this time through a deep pit. "Is there a doctor in the audience?!" shouts Bosko as he falls, but he soon lands on the keys of a giant piano. More gnomes appear and begin cheering, prompting Bosko to start playing the piano with his feet (and hands). But wherever there's a giant piano, there must be -- a giant ogre! One suddenly appears and begins to chase Bosko through the underground cavern. Bosko unwisely jumps onto a table with a jar of mustard, some bread, and a knife on it. With Bosko now stuck in the mustard, the giant slices the bread and places Bosko in it hot dog-style. The giant starts basting Bosko with the mustard, but soon Bosko wakes to find that it was only Bruno licking his face.


  • Obscure gag: "Are you listening?" (spoken by Bruno during his hide-and-seek count) was a phrase used by popular radio personality Ben Bernie. A biography of Bernie can be found at The Jazz Age site. [JB]

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