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Title Card "You're Too Careless with Your Kisses!"
Merrie Melodies (cartoon-specific titles)
Released: September 10, 1932
Length: 7:20


Supervision by - Rudolf Ising
Drawn by - Rollin Hamilton, Larry Martin
Musical Score by - Frank Marsales


A female bee flees her drunken husband but is trapped by a spider.


A very inebriated bumble bee sporting a top hat, spats and a cane is attempting to make his way home, but he keeps interacting with the local flora and shouting "Hooray!" and "Whoopee!". When he finally gets home (which for this bee is a man's hat), he takes off his shoes and tries to quietly make his way upstairs. His shoes follow behind him, but he shushes them and walks all the way to the top of the stairs. He's too dunk to maintain his balance, however, and falls off the stairs. Fortunately, he bounces off a couch cushion and back up onto the stairs. He tries to get into his bedroom without waking up his sleeping wife, but he trips and causes the window shade to roll up and the alarm clock to ring. "Oh Wilber, you've been out drinking spiked honey again!" his wife accuses, before breaking out into the title song. At the conclusion of the song she pronounces, "I'll have to do your work for you!". "Ha ha! Ain't that just like a woman" her husband replies. His wife leaves their home and assumes the role of honey-collector. She accomplishes this by detaching her abdomen and lowering it into the flower, scooping up the honey and reeling it back in. Suddenly there are flashes of lightning and rain begins to pour, sending the poor bee running for cover. She runs up to a house (actually broken-down old barrel) and knocks on the door. Through the window we see a spider lick his lips, savoring the thought of making this poor bee his next meal. He lets her in, but as soon as she sees the spider she screams. The spider (of the two-arms and two-legs variety) locks the door and swallows the key. The frightened bee run upstairs and hides in a dark room. The spider enters the room and shuts the door, causing the screen to go totally black. "And now you're in the hands of the dear old maestro" the spider says in his best radio voice. We hear the sounds of a struggle, but luckily the bee manages to get to a window and scream for help before the spider's hand covers her mouth. Back at her house, her drunken husband hears her cries for help and leaps out of the window. He uses a flower as a trumpet to call for the other bees to attack. Dozens of bees run out of a hive and gather their horses from the stable (actually a harmonica). The husband reaches the spider's home first, and when the spider comes out to confront him, the husband takes a thorny vine and runs it between the spider's legs. The spider flees, but his former captive comes out of the house and points the approaching calvary in his direction. The spider jumps into a floating bucket, pulls out a shotgun and begins firing at his attacker. We now see bees taking off from an aircraft carrier (actually a stove lid), bees shooting corks with the help of an accordion, bees shooting peas like a machine gun, and bees in a submarine (actually a shoe with a periscope). Overhead, a bee bombardier drops a stick of dynamite onto the spider. The explosion sends the bee flying, and he lands right into the trap that the bucket debris has fortuitously formed. The bees cheer their victory, and trapped spider frowns in dismay.


  • Heard on the soundtrack: "The Bear Went Over the Mountain". [LT&MM]

Memorable Lines:

  • "They tell me I'm crazy, but I'm not... much!"
    --The spider

Memorable Scenes:

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Video Availability:

Laserdisc: Golden Age of Looney Tunes, Vol. 5


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