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Title Type Date Director Stars
The Shanty Where Santy Claus Lives MM 01/07/33 Rudolf Ising  
Bosko in Dutch LT 01/14/33 Harman / Freleng Bosko, Honey, Bruno, Wilber
One Step Ahead of My Shadow MM 02/04/33 Rudolf Ising  
Bosko in Person LT 02/11/33 Harman / Freleng Bosko & Honey
Young and Healthy MM 03/04/33 Rudolf Ising  
Bosko the Speed King LT 03/11/33 Hugh Harman Bosko & Honey
The Organ Grinder MM 04/08/33 Rudolf Ising  
Bosko's Knight-Mare LT 04/29/33 Hugh Harman Bosko, Honey, Bruno
Wake Up the Gypsy in Me MM 05/13/33 Rudolf Ising  
Bosko the Sheep-Herder LT 06/03/33 Hugh Harman Bosko & Bruno
I Like Mountain Music MM 06/10/33 Rudolf Ising  
Beau Bosko LT 07/01/33 Harman / Freleng Bosko & Honey
Shuffle Off to Buffalo MM 07/08/33 Ising / Freleng  
Bosko's Mechanical Man LT 07/29/33 Hugh Harman Bosko, Honey, Bruno
The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon MM 08/08/33 Rudolf Ising  
Bosko the Musketeer LT 08/12/33 Hugh Harman Bosko, Honey, Bruno
We're in the Money MM 08/26/33 Rudolf Ising  
Bosko's Picture Show LT 08/26/33 Harman / Freleng Bosko, Honey, Bruno

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