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Title Card "Beau Bosko"
Looney Tunes (Bosko title #2)
Released: July 1, 1933
Length: 6:50
Starring: Bosko and Honey


Supervision by - Hugh Harman / Isadore Freleng
Drawn by - Rollin Hamilton, Norm Blackburn
Musical Score by - Frank Marsales


Bosko's foreign legion epic.


As the desert sun rises upon a foreign legion outpost, the bugler's calls of reveille do little to awaken the slumbering troops. The commander enters the barracks and orders everyone to wake up, resulting in a rousing rendition of "Good Morning to You" from the men. Unfortunately for the commander, he happens to be standing in a pile of the men's clothes, and is soon covered by a swarm of pajama-clad troops. Once they've all dressed and the swarm clears, we see the dazed commander standing in a large hole in the floor. Bosko (presumably a legionnaire of some importance since he has his own private quarters) is still fast asleep, but his uniform isn't!  The uniform tries to shake Bosko awake, but he just snores on. The quick-thinking uniform places a bugle over Bosko's mouth, causing him to blow into it and wake himself up. Bosko follows his uniform outside, then dives into its rear hatch before assuming formation with the men. Bosko opens the backpack of the soldier in front of him, revealing a sink that he uses to wash his face. "Le General" appears and calls for Bosko, who salutes him rather awkwardly. "Get this man!" he shouts as he hands Bosko a wanted poster of "Ali Oop -- The Desert Scourge". Bosko hops onto his camel and rides off. The camel stops by a small pond and drinks up all the water, revealing a very irate fish. The camel then spits back a small bit of the water, a gesture the fish greatly appreciates. Bosko rides into a desert town, where we are treated to a series of sight gags involving the locals, including: a snake charmer with a scatting snake, a man who twiddles his toes and nearly inhales a swarm of flies, and a man fast asleep on his camel. Bosko then spots Honey, who is wearing a rather see-through harem outfit. They woo each for a few moments, but suddenly Ali Oop and his men storm into town. The frightened couple run for cover when Ali Oop throws a dozen knives at them, but they manage to escape by running up a wall using the knives as steps. Bosko looks out of a window and gets his hat blown onto his bottom, as we see Ali Oop's men shooting (and squeezing) bullets at our hero. Bosko grabs a machine-gun pistol and shoots at his attackers, knocking them out with well-placed shots that start a chain reaction where giant jugs fall on their heads. A trio of water-filled jugs above one of the snipers are shot and begin to leak, but the ingenious villain grabs a nearby man and turns him into an umbrella. Ali Oop is perched atop a tree, but each shot he fires spins him around violently. Another well-placed shot by Bosko causes a coconut to bonk Ali Oop on the head, and he falls down onto a cart. Bosko then grabs some spears and throws them at the cart, forming a cage. Bosko and Honey hop onto their camel and carry a fuming Ali Oop away.


Memorable Scenes:

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