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Title Card "Bosko the Sheep-Herder"
Looney Tunes (Bosko title #2)
Released: June 3, 1933
Length: 7:08
Starring: Bosko and Bruno


Supervision by - Hugh Harman
Drawn by - Rollin Hamilton, Max Maxwell
Musical Score by - Frank Marsales


Bosko tries to save a lamb from a wolf-in-sheep's-clothing.


Bosko is sitting by a tree making music while his sheep frolic around him. One little lamb runs off and begins eating a flower. The bee that had been in it escapes certain doom and flies off to another flower, but the lamb goes over and starts to eat that one too. After this scenario repeats itself again, the bee razzes the lamb and goes into a hole in the ground. As the lamb peers into the hole, the bee creeps out from behind and smacks the lamb in the rear with a prickly plant. The lamb scurries away as the bee laughs. The unlucky lamb comes across another flower and eats it, not realizing that there was a grasshopper inside! The grasshopper wreaks havoc within the lamb's insides and finally escapes through its mouth. The disgruntled grasshopper pulls out a piece of tobacco, chews it, and spits it out into a tulip before hopping away. The lamb returns to Bosko, and they both stroll away as Bosko continues to play his tune. Bosko soon comes a cross a beehive, and then proceeds to turn it into a bagpipe! Lazy old Bruno inadvertently makes his own music by snoring into a log as raccoons sit on the holes, blowing them into the air. Bosko drops the beehive when he notices a squirrel trying to chew open a walnut. The cruel (yet resourceful) Bosko converts the squirrel into a nutcracker, pulling down on the tail as the teeth crush the nut. Bosko gives the insides to the squirrel, who eats them appreciatively. Meanwhile, another lamb finds a patch of tall grass, and summons his friends to join him in devouring it. As Bosko and his lamb continue to stroll along, a big black fox licks his chops and hides inside a hollow tree stump. When Bosko and the lamb pass by, the stump crawls along behind them. Soon Bosko arrives at a picnic basket and begins eating a sandwich, but little lamb scurries away. The wolf notices this and begins to follow the lamb. Meanwhile, Bosko pulls out a bottle of milk and is immediately surrounded by a trio of hungry little lambs. Bosko takes off his glove and attaches it to the bottle, then lets the lambs suck on the fingers as if it were their mother's teats. The wolf, still following the original lamb, comes across a cabin with a sheepskin hung on the outside wall. He puts on the sheepskin and approaches the lamb, who greets him cheerfully. The wolf pulls off the sheepskin and grabs the lamb, who begins to baa for help. Bosko hears the lamb's cries and calls for Bruno to help him capture the wolf. They follow the wolf into a cave, where a tremendous fight ensues off-screen. Bosko emerges clutching the lamb, but he looks back and wonders about the fate of his beloved dog. When the wolf comes out of the cave, Bosko fears the worst -- but it turns out to be Bruno wearing the fox's skin!  Bruno and the lamb lick Bosko's face as the cartoon irises out.


  • Heard on the soundtrack: "I Like Mountain Music" [LT&MM]
  • The animation of Bosko eating a sandwich was reused from Bosko's Holiday.

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