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Title Card "Bosko's Knight-Mare"
Looney Tunes (Bosko title #2)
Released: April 29, 1933
Length: 7:25
Starring: Bosko, Honey, Bruno


Supervision by - Hugh Harman
Drawn by - Bob McKimson, Robert Stokes
Musical Score by - Frank Marsales


Bosko the knight rescues Honey.


Bosko is rocking in his chair while reading a book about King Arthur's knights. He tunes his radio to a song called "Knights Are Bold", and soon dozes off. He dreams that he's a knight riding atop an armored steed, singing "Young & Healthy". Following behind him is an armor-clad Bruno, who sniffs around a tree and ends up meeting his own behind. Bosko rides up to a castle, pole vaults off his horse, does a little dance, and calls for the drawbridge to be lowered. Three trumpeters appear, but the face masks of their helmets fall, chopping their trumpets in half and souring their tune. Bosko and Bruno rumba into the castle to the tune of "Peanut Vendor", then Bosko leaps out of his armor through a hatch in the rear. He enters a room where the Knights of the Round Table are seated and shouts "Hi-dee-hi! Ho-dee-ho!", and the knights reply likewise. They reprise "Knights Are Bold" while swinging their beers around, and we soon discover just who they are under those helmets: The four Marx brothers, Ed Wynn, Jimmy Durante, Mahatma Ghandi and Oliver Hardy! Bosko imitates Stan Laurel long enough to get smacked by Hardy, then he goes off and dances with other knights to the tune of "42nd Street". Even a suit of chain mail being washed joins in the dance! Outside the castle, the villain of the picture rides towards the castle singing about the damsel who resides within. That damsel is Honey of course, who appears in the window of a castle tower and tells us: "Pooh! I don't like that old meany!". The villainous knight bites the lock off the tower door and forces his way up. Honey shouts for help, and her cries are heard by Bosko, who finally has a reason to stop dancing. Bosko's suit of armor comes to life and calls for him, so Bosko dives back in though the rear hatch and runs up the tower and right past the villain. He turns and commands "Stop you mug!". The knight responds by using Bosko as a cigarette lighter to light up a huge cigar, then he grabs Honey and leaps out of the tower window. They crash right through his horse and leave a large crater in the ground, but the horse pulls them out and they begin to get away. Bosko emerges from the castle riding a donkey, and pursues the villain and his captive. Bosko is thrown off his horse and into a pond, but his armor becomes a submarine and carries him to the opposite shore. Bosko jumps out of his armor and follows the villain into his castle (or, more accurately, the castle swallows him in). The knight takes Honey into a bedroom and lays her down, but when he goes to barricade the door Bosko appears under the bed with a machine gun and shoots the villain in the rear! The angry knight rolls up his armored sleeves and socks Bosko, sending him flying over a series of sharp spears and towards the bed, where Bosko hits his head and is knocked out. Honey jumps off the bed and strokes Bosko's face, but Bosko finally wakes from this dream to the sight of Bruno licking his face. Bosko immediately chops up a suit of armor displayed in his hallway, sings "Lets put out the lights and go to sleep", then jumps into his bed, which retracts into the wall and ends the cartoon.


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