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Title Card "Bosko's Mechanical Man"
Looney Tunes (Bosko title #2)
Released: July 29. 1933
Length: 6:53
Starring: Bosko, Honey, Bruno


Supervision by - Hugh Harman
Drawn by - Isadore Freleng, Thomas McKimson
Musical Score by - Frank Marsales


Bosko builds a robot that tries to kill him.


Honey is washing a large window in her house, covering it completely with soap. When she steps away for a moment, we see Bosko's silhouette outside as he writes "I Love You" on the window with his finger. Honey returns and is surprised by the message, until she washes away the soap and realizes who her admirer is. Honey lets Bosko come inside, then asks him to help her with the dishes. He scoffs at the notion, but a quick dissolve to the next scene shows Bosko drying the dishes as Honey washes them. Bosko shuffles stacks of plates together like a deck of cards, then precariously carries them all outside. Despite Honey's shouts of "be careful!", Bosko trips and breaks every plate. He tries to act innocent (he even turns into a lamb momentarily), but before Honey can complain Bosko notices a nearby newspaper. "Robot Will Do Work of Hundred Men Say Technocrats" reads the headline, which gives Bosko a sudden inspiration. He quickly rushes to the garage and begins assembling a robot out of nearby parts: irons, pipes, a stove, two light bulbs, and a car engine. Honey calls for him to come back in and finish washing the dishes, but he ignores her and continues with his work. Bosko completes the assembly and cranks up the engine, causing the robot to sputter out the 20th Century Fox theme music and bounce around a bit before coming to a stop. For reasons known only to himself, Bosko pulls on the robot's "Free Wheeling" lever, which instantly makes it to go berserk. The robot chases Bosko, who eventually runs into the house and barricades himself behind the door. The robot smashes through the door and takes Bosko through several other doors, then jumps over him and goes after Honey. Honey becomes cornered, but she grabs a bottle of perfume and squirts it in the robot's face. The robot instantly becomes effeminate and shouts "Oh swish!". Bosko gets behind a piano and begins playing, while the robot grabs a roll of toilet paper and begins to prance around the house, tossing sheets into the air. As soon as the robot spots Bosko however, its murderous demeanor returns, and it literally grinds its teeth in anticipation. Honey saves Bosko by shoving a record of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" into the robot's rear hatch, which the robot dances to -- until the record hits a crack and starts skipping! The robot goes nuts again and chases Bosko and Honey out of the house. Poor Bruno, who had been sleeping on the front steps, is electrocuted when the robot grabs the door buzzer and zaps Bruno in the rear. Bosko and Honey run for their lives, but Bruno becomes exhausted and lags behind. He eventually catches up to them at a dynamite shed, but the mad robot is closing in fast. At one point the robot turns into a radio and says "You are now in the hands of the dear, old maestro". Bosko grabs some TNT and throws it right into the robot's open mouth, where it explodes and disables the robot for good. 


  • Heard on the soundtrack: "One Step Ahead of My Shadow", "Ain't We Got Fun", "From Me to You", "I Like Mountain Music", and "Let's Put Out the Lights and Go to Sleep". [LT&MM]
  • Obscure gag: "You are now in the hands of the dear, old maestro" refers to popular bandleader Ben Bernie, known as "The Old Maestro". [WBCC]

Memorable Lines:

  • "Oh Bosko, you fulfill my wishes! You're just in time to do the dishes!"

Memorable Scenes:

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