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Foxy & Roxy



A promotional drawing from Lady, Play Your Mandolin! [LT&MM]

The character of Foxy is the most blatant of the many Disney rip-offs attempted by the Harman-Ising studio. Foxy is a perfect clone of Mickey Mouse, save for the tapered ears and bushy tail. He was the original star of the Merrie Melodies series, first appearing with his unnamed girlfriend in Lady, Play Your Mandolin!. Two subsequent cartoons followed, after which Foxy was abandoned for an even shorter-lived character: Piggy. Foxy is probably best remembered for his appearance in Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!, which ranks as one of the best of the early Merrie Melodies.


Compare Foxy and Roxy from One More Time (left) with Foxy & Roxy from Tiny Toon Adventures (right)

Foxy was among the early Warner Bros. characters resurrected by the producers of the television series Tiny Toon Adventures, appearing in the episode "Two-Tone Town" along with Goopy Geer. It was here where his girlfriend was given the name Roxy, and where we discover where they've been and what they were doing for the past sixty years. Foxy and Roxy were redesigned to be much less Mickey-like and more fox-like. The updated duo bear a striking resemblance to the main characters in the Animaniacs series, who (in the context of the show) were also early-1930s cartoon characters.


Title Type Date Director Stars
Lady, Play Your Mandolin! MM 08/31 Rudolf Ising Foxy & Roxy
Smile, Darn Ya, Smile! MM 09/05/31 Rudolf Ising Foxy & Roxy
One More Time MM 10/03/31 Rudolf Ising Foxy & Roxy


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