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Goopy Geer



Promotional drawings for Goopy Geer  (above), and Moonlight for Two (below) [LT&MM]


Goopy Geer was the first Warner Bros. featured character whose look was not closely patterned after that of Mickey Mouse. Although a promotional drawing for his first appearance shows him as a black dog, in all of his cartoons he is white. Goopy was the last recurring character in the black-and-white years of the Merrie Melodies series, starring in only three cartoons before one-shots became the norm. His cameo in Bosko in Dutch not withstanding, Goopy's unnamed girlfriend appeared in more cartoons than he did; she was also the girlfriend of Freddy the Freshman. The three roles that the versatile Goopy appeared as were a pianist, a hillbilly, and a court jester.

Goopy was resurrected along with Foxy & Roxy in the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "Two-Tone Town". In it, he reprises his original role as a pianist, although his character design is based on the aforementioned promotional drawing. A picture from this appearance can be seen on the Foxy & Roxy page.

Starring Roles:

Title Type Date Director Stars
Goopy Geer MM 04/16/32 Rudolf Ising Goopy Geer
Moonlight for Two MM 06/11/32 Rudolf Ising Goopy Geer
The Queen Was in the Parlor MM 07/09/32 Rudolf Ising Goopy Geer


Title Type Date Director Stars
Bosko in Dutch LT 01/14/33 Harman / Freleng Bosko, Honey,
Bruno, Wilber


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