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Piggy & Fluffy



A promotional drawing [S&T]

Piggy was one of Warner Bros. shortest-lived cartoon stars. Essentially a pig version of Mickey Mouse, Piggy and his girlfriend Fluffy appeared in only two cartoons before being cast off into cartoon limbo. The first of these cartoons was the surrealistic You Don't Know What You're Doin'!, in which Piggy is cast as a drunken heckler. The other is the notorious Hittin' the Trail for Hallelujah Land, which cannot be found on television or video due to its stereotyped portrayal of black characters. In that one, Piggy does a good impression Mickey Mouse from Steamboat Willie before going off to rescue the drowning Uncle Tom. Curiously, neither Piggy nor Fluffy were among the characters resurrected in Tiny Toon Adventures, though Bosko & Honey, Foxy & Roxy, and Goopy Geer were.


Title Type Date Director Stars
You Don't Know What You're Doin'! MM 10/31/31 Rudolf Ising Piggy and Fluffy
Hittin' the Trail for Hallelujah Land MM 11/28/31 Rudolf Ising Piggy and Fluffy


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