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Isadore "Friz" Freleng


Born: August 21, 1906, Kansas City, Missouri
Died: May 26, 1995

Friz Freleng[WIW]

Friz Freleng was a Kansas City native who had worked with Walt Disney in the early 1920s, but was not called to join Disney's California studio until 1927, when Rollin Hamilton left. There he studied under master animator Ub Iwerks, but after only a few years he left with Harman and Ising to create cartoons for Warner Bros. In fact, it has been said that he had expected to be an equal partner them. His responsibilities at the studio grew until he actually directed a few of the Bosko cartoons. The first one he can remember directing is Bosko in Dutch in 1933. He became a full-time director after Harman and Ising left in mind 1933, and would soon become one of the greatest animation directors of all time. He directed almost 300 cartoons at WB, including some of the best Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Sylvester & Tweety cartoons ever made. Yosemite Sam was modeled after him, fierce temper and all. He left WB briefly in 1937 to work at MGM, who had fired Harman and Ising for a short time, but soon returned. After WB closed its animation department in the 1960s, he teamed with producer David H. DePatie to create DePatie-Freleng Enterprises. This new studio produced a new series of cartoons for WB, and also created the popular Pink Panther series, many of which were directed by Freleng. He also directed many television specials and compilation features for WB in the 1980s. Freleng won five Academy Awards, for Tweetie Pie, Speedy Gonzales, Birds Anonymous, Knighty-Knight Bugs, and The Pink Phink. [WIW, TAF! and OM&M]

For more biographical information on Friz Freleng, refer to his entry in The Warner Bros. Cartoon Companion.

Directing Credits

NOTE: In the following cartoons, it is believed that Friz Freleng performed some, if not all, of the actual directing duties [AoFF]:

Title Type Date Director Stars
Bosko in Dutch LT 01/14/33 Harman / Freleng Bosko, Honey,
Bruno, Wilber
Bosko in Person LT 02/11/33 Harman / Freleng Bosko & Honey
Beau Bosko LT 07/01/33 Harman / Freleng Bosko & Honey
Shuffle Off to Buffalo MM 07/08/33 Ising / Freleng  
Bosko's Picture Show LT 08/26/33 Harman / Freleng Bosko, Honey, Bruno


Animation Credits

Title Type Date Director Stars
Sinkin' in the Bathtub LT 05/06/30 Harman & Ising Bosko & Honey
Hold Anything LT 10/30 Harman & Ising Bosko & Honey
The Booze Hangs High LT 11/30 Harman & Ising Bosko
Big Man from the North LT 01/31 Harman & Ising Bosko & Honey
Ain't Nature Grand! LT 02/31 Harman & Ising Bosko
Dumb Patrol LT 04/31 Harman & Ising Bosko & Honey
Bosko's Holiday LT 06/31 Harman & Ising Bosko & Honey
The Tree's Knees LT 07/31 Harman & Ising Bosko
Smile, Darn Ya, Smile! MM 09/05/31 Rudolf Ising Foxy & Roxy
One More Time MM 10/03/31 Rudolf Ising Foxy & Roxy
You Don't Know What You're Doin'! MM 10/31/31 Rudolf Ising Piggy and Fluffy
Bosko's Soda Fountain LT 11/14/31 Hugh Harman Bosko, Honey, Wilber
Hittin' the Trail for Hallelujah Land MM 11/28/31 Rudolf Ising Piggy and Fluffy
Bosko at the Zoo LT 01/09/32 Hugh Harman Bosko & Honey
Battling Bosko LT 02/06/32 Hugh Harman Bosko & Honey
Freddy the Freshman MM 02/20/32 Rudolf Ising  
Big-Hearted Bosko LT 03/05/32 Hugh Harman Bosko & Bruno
Bosko's Party LT 04/02/32 Hugh Harman Bosko, Honey, Wilber
Goopy Geer MM 04/16/32 Rudolf Ising Goopy Geer
It's Got Me Again! MM 05/14/32 Rudolf Ising  
Moonlight for Two MM 06/11/32 Rudolf Ising Goopy Geer
The Queen Was in the Parlor MM 07/09/32 Rudolf Ising Goopy Geer
Bosko at the Beach LT 07/23/32 Hugh Harman Bosko, Honey, Bruno, Wilber
Bosko's Store LT 08/13/32 Hugh Harman Bosko, Honey, Wilber
Bosko the Lumberjack LT 09/03/32 Hugh Harman Bosko & Honey
Ride Him, Bosko! LT 09/17/32 Hugh Harman Bosko & Honey
Bosko the Drawback LT 10/22/32 Hugh Harman Bosko
Bosko's Woodland Daze LT 12/17/32 Hugh Harman Bosko & Bruno
Bosko in Dutch LT 01/14/33 Harman / Freleng Bosko, Honey, Bruno, Wilber
One Step Ahead of My Shadow MM 02/04/33 Rudolf Ising  
Bosko the Speed King LT 03/11/33 Hugh Harman Bosko & Honey
Wake Up the Gypsy in Me MM 05/13/33 Rudolf Ising  
I Like Mountain Music MM 06/10/33 Rudolf Ising  
Shuffle Off to Buffalo MM 07/08/33 Ising / Freleng  
Bosko's Mechanical Man LT 07/29/33 Hugh Harman Bosko, Honey, Bruno
We're in the Money MM 08/26/33 Rudolf Ising  
Bosko's Picture Show LT 08/26/33 Harman / Freleng Bosko, Honey, Bruno

Other Credits

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