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Other Videos

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Bugs Bunny Bond Rally ("Any Bonds Today")
This was a promotional film designed to sell war bonds during WWII. It features Bugs Bunny singing the Irving Berlin song "Any Bonds Today?", along with appearances by Porky Pig and Elmer Fudd. If you watched the "Lost WB Cartoons" special on Cartoon Network, you saw an edited version of this cartoon with Bugs' blackface imitation of Al Jolson cut out.
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Hare Ribbin' (Director's Cut)
One of Bob Clampett's best Bugs Bunny cartoons, this recently discovered director's cut features several deviations from the released version. Most notable among these is the cartoon's original ending. In the released version, the dog commits suicide at the end; in the original version, Bugs shoots the dog in the mouth! If you just want to see the original ending, you can download a high-quality MPEG file (1.3MB) of that scene. Or you can view the entire cartoon using one of these links:
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I Love to Singa
Almost everyone remembers "I Love to Singa", the classic 1936 Merrie Melody featuring Owl Jolson. Few people, however, have seen the 1936 film "The Singing Kid", and its rendition of "I Love to Singa" as performed by Al Jolson and Cab Calloway. Well, now's your chance!
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Porky's Blooper
For several years, the WB studio assembled a blooper reel featuring outtakes from their feature film productions. In 1938, the WB cartoon staff contributed to the studio's blooper reel with this short outtake starring Porky Pig. Because this clip is so short, it has been encoded at 150Kbps. Those of you with 56K modems will need to let it buffer for approximately 30 seconds.
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Private Snafu
During WWII, the WB animators made a series of short films for the army starring a character named Private Snafu. Because they were meant for servicemen, these cartoons were more "adult" in nature than other cartoons of the period. Presented here are three Snafu cartoons:

"Booby Traps"
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" Spies"
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Mr. Hook
The WB animators didn't just make cartoons for the army, they also made them for the Navy. Presented here are three cartoons starring a sailor named Mr. Hook:

"Return of Mr. Hook"
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" The Good Egg"
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" Tokyo Woes"
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